Max Bishop Events offers a variety of services to cater for your events' specific needs and wants. All services can be themed and streamlined with the clients requests - the more interesting, the better.  



Max Bishop Events offers professional, versatile and confident DJ's for weddings, corporates, birthdays and more. All equipment is provided (decks, lighting, microphones, smoke machines ect) and all DJs are equpped with wide ranges of music. DJs can also be teamed up with our saxophonist, Chris Street, and also live drums and other instruments on request.  Arguably one of the most important aspects of an event is the music. The music sets the mood for the entire night, and can act as a great way to entertain guests, or alternatively, accompany an amazing dinner/relaxing showcase. Take a look inside our wonderful DJ roster below.


Acoustic Artists

Popularly used for ceremonies in weddings, MBE's live soloists on offer a wide variety of music from pop covers and 80's/90's to funk covers and everything in between. With such versatile artists, we guarantee that one of these talented soloists will perfectly fit the criteria for your next event.


Live Bands

Want something more to look at rather than just a DJ for your next event? MBE offers a whole range of live bands from duo's, instrumental trios, cover bands, all the way up to 15 piece big bands.  Let us know what sort of sound you are looking for, and we'll find you the perfect fit.


Live Sax


Graphic Design

MBE can completely design your next event for you - designs for social media, print etc. Anything from invitations to weddings, to band posters, charity nights plus more, MBE can make your next event looking spick and span.



MBE has a diverse range of female and male photographers. With experience ranging from event photography, music based photography, weddings and nature photos, the mBE photography stable will be sure to take the snap at the right time.



Video as a service! MBE's videography service is a great way to capture a whole event's atmosphere in a short 2-3 minute wrap up film. With Lawrence Phelan directing the entire videography team (can include up to 6 crew members for one event), MBE has your next event sorted. Specialising in wedding videos, event wrap up films pus more, consider a video from MBE for your next event.



MBE can provide the ultimate drinking experience for any wedding, corporate or birthday. With liquor co-ordinator Luciano Marcuzzi leading the way, Max Bishop Events can cater to any sized function with intricate cocktail celebrations of 10 people all the way up to 300 person weddings. consultations, theming, Australian products and sustainable alcohol is what Max Bishop Events strives to deliver.


Make Up


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